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Over the years, GeoViet Consulting had collected, processed, integrated and built a number of geo-data sets, maps and value-added data products on natural resources and urban areas over the country, as follows:

Geographical base data and maps of various scales – processed and standardized in forms of complete GIS data layers in MIF, TAB, SHP, geodatabase… or can be provided in customized format on request...

Satellite data (corrected and registered) and value-added products (composite images, classified images, image maps…) in GeoTIFF, ENVI, ERMAPPER, ERDAS or can be provided in customized format on request…

Integrated urban GIS databases, which are standardized (in terms of geometry, topology, attributes and metadata) and completed with installation package, data dictionary and how-to users’ guide… Read more >>

Thematic GIS databases – integrated GIS databases for a territory or planning / project areas, which are standardized and completed with installation package, data dictionary and how-to users’ guide.

Information set on urban infrastructures, urban land and housing, urban residents, demands forecasting and existing urban services for enterprises (service providers) to develop own marketing and distribution strategies

GIS data that are integrated (value-added information), information from SWOT analysis (as indicators and maps showing existing states, potential and development risks of an urban area or a region) and information to build criteria for SDSS...

A wide range of base maps, administrative maps and thematic maps that are professionally and state-of-the-art designed and standardized following the sector mapping standards such as geological maps, forest maps, agricultural maps, irrigation maps, water resources maps, land use maps (with MOC and MONRE standards), cadastral maps, transportation maps, infrastructure maps, tourist maps, planning maps

For further information on GeoViet's full range of geospatial data and GIS maps please contact us.