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Scientific and Technical Reports:

GIS Handbook in urban infrastructure planning and management in Vietnam:

… Published by the Construction Publishing House in 2012, the Handbook presents methodology, procedures and detailed guidelines in using GIS technology to support urban infrastructure planning and management, which are based on practical experiences in a number of Vietnam’s cities... Handbook in Vietnamese only >>

GIS application in urban technical infrastructures management:

… As a platform for integrated management of spatial and attribute data, GIS can bring tremendous benefits to the urban sector and urban governments in systematically and effectively managing urban technical infrastructures such as transportation, water supply and drainage, solid waste and environment sanitation, urban green spaces and lighting... Report in Vietnamese only >>

GIS-based management of urban trees and urban green spaces:

… Due to rapid urban development in Vietnam, the management of urban trees and urban green spaces becomes more and more important in order to improve urban environment and quality of life for urban residents. Through two examples of GIS-based management of urban tree and green spaces in Ha Tinh and Tra Vinh cities, this paper discusses the potential and challenges in using GIS technology in urban infrastructure management in Vietnam... Read more >>

Assessment with Satellite Data of the Urban Heat Island Effects in Asian Mega Cities:

… The urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon becomes more and more serious environmental problem in urban areas due to dramatic human-induced change from a natural ecosystem to a built, largely impervious surface and landscape with high heat inertia. Using MODIS-derived land surface temperature (LST) data, the spatial extents, magnitude and effects of UHI for 8 Asian mega cities are studied... Read full paper at the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Vol. 8(1), 1/2006) .

GIS for urban regional studies:

… GIS can be integrated with spatial data analysis technilques to explore the spatial patterns of urban regional development and to understand the urban-rural linkage...  Read more >>

Integration of socio-economic and environmental data:

… GIS provides useful platform to integrate disparate data sets in terms of scale, geographic properties (e.g., remote sensing, map and socio-economic data) to create a comprehensive spatial database for development studies... Read more >>

Using MODIS data for crop mapping and monitoring:

… With daily acquisition, MODIS data have great potential in land cover change detection and monitoring agricultural crops. Using time series of NDVI computed from MODIS data, land use and agricultural land changes in the Red River Delta are mapped for the 2008-2010 period, which could be a good starting point for operationalizing the rice monitoring... Report in Vietnamese only >>

MODIS data acquisition and utilization for forest fire mamangement in Vietnam:

… Since early 2007, the Forest Protection Department (FPD, MARD) has installed and started operating a MODIS Direct Broadcast receiving station in Hanoi with primary purpose for early forest fire (hotspots) detection... Report in Vietnamese only >>

MODIS data for drought monitoring:

… With high spectral and temporal resolution, MODIS time-series data can be used to monitor long-term surface soil / vegetation moisture status with a potential of developing an operational agricultural / forestry disasters early warning system... Report in Vietnamese only >>

Developing a Flash-based tool for GIS applications on the Web:

... In this paper we discuss our group’s effort to develop and implement GIS Web Services Tool using popular Adobe Flash... with preliminary results in applying the Tool for forest mapping and urban environmental mapping applications as well as some discussion on future direction... Read more >>

Other scientific and technical reports and products >>

Policy Research Reports:

GeoViet Consulting takes part in various surveys, assessment and analytical works on diverse development issues with policy recommendations on how to reform and strengthen government capacity for development. Policy researches are in the areas of public investment, public procurement, monitoring and evaluation, aid effectiveness, government implementation capacity at national, sectoral and provincial levels.

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