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    ...Interdisciplinary approach &
    exploring geospatial information
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    Consultancy on Natural Resources,
    Environment and Climate Change
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    ...Design, build & provide high-
    standard geospatial databases
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    ...Spatial Information & spatial
    knowledge for decision making
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    ...Professional Geo-Informatics
    Solution provider on Desktop or on the Web
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    ...Combining concept knowledge with practical professional skills
    GIS - Remote Sensing - Geo-Informatics - Data Processing and Analysis Management Support
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Welcome to GeoViet Consulting Website!

Established in response to the growing needs in information, knowledge and skills associated with the rapid development in Vietnam and the region, GeoViet Consulting provides services in research, consultancy and training in the areas of geospatial information technologies, urban / regional and environmental studies, natural resources planning as well as in management support of projects and business analytics. In the area of geospatial services, GeoViet provides your organization with integrated data solutions in mapping, imaging, geospatial information and property information ranging from system analysis and design through to full implementation... More about GeoViet >>

Combining consulting services with in-house research efforts, GeoViet Consulting provides quality products and practical geospatial solutions based on emerging creative ideas:

Focusing on research and analysis of geospatial information based on GIS, remote sensing and Geo-Informatics technologies, GeoViet Consulting provides your organizations with customized services in:

GeoViet's Moto is to provide right information and solutions for right users at the right times

In cooperation with international and local educational institutions, GeoViet Consulting provides training services based on a well-thought combination of applied concepts, experienced approaches and practical skills training:

GeoViet Consulting is sharing updated geo-technology news, trends and practical applications in Vietnam in forms of QUARTERLY GEO-TECHNOLOGY BULLETINS with detailed articles in TECH CORNER in the areas of:  

  • From February to June 2023, senior experts from GeoViet Consulting tought the course of “Fundamentals of Urban GIS” for under-graduate students (QD 25 class) of the Architecture Faculty, Hanoi University of Business and Technology. This course is to provide Urban and Infratructure Management students of the GIS basic concepts and practical knowledge, and relevant methodology and techniques in urban data collection, processing and GIS database management and analysis for urban planning and management applications. Please contact us for more information...

  • In February 2023, in GeoViet Consulting had completed and sucessfully transferred the WebGIS-based geodatabase of saltwater intrusion, sea dike systems, and coastal erosion in 28 coastal provinces to the DMPTC for operation, which provides better information to the Vietnam Disaster and Dyke Management Authority for effective and timely disaster risk management, climate change-related monitoring and adaptation. Please contact us for more information...

  • During 20-22 November 2022, GeoViet Consulting conducted a professional training program on “Applied Environmental GIS with ArcGIS” in Hai Phong City for about 10 technical staffs of the Center of Marine Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Vietnam Navy. With fundamental and practical GIS skills focusing on building and management of the sea-water monitoring database, including a system of marine monitoring stations in various parts of the Bien Dong sea with numerous monitoring parameters of pH, Zn, Cu, Pb, As, I,… as well as compiling sea-water quality maps and marine environmental zoning maps... Please contact us for more information...
  • Since September 2022, GeoViet Consulting in cooperation with SAGISTA Investment and Technology Co. Ltd. starts developing indoor GIS databases for the terminals of the Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat and Da Nang international airports. The products including standardized and efficient Tile Packages (.tpk) for use as basemaps for the Interllicence’s Symphia NowForce security solutions in support of the real-time situational awareness, and effective dispatch and response at the abobe airport terminals. Please contact us for more information...

  • From August to December 2022, senior experts from GeoViet Consulting tought the course of “Spatial Information System for energy applications” for under-graduate students (classes of D14CNPM6 và D14CNPM7) of the Computer Science Faculty, Electric Power University. This optional course (coded 000958) is to provide software engineering students of the GIS concepts, components and application flows as well as practical skills in designing and developing GIS software solutions for energy sector. Please contact us for more information...